Free Mined Mixtape Covert Art Complete

Juñor Releases Free Mined: Psyde B & Announces Headline Tour

We recently posted about Melbourne artist Juñor‘s new mixtape Free Mined: Psyde AWith any side A, there’s a side B, and today I’m stoked to announce that it’s now upon us. Free Mined: Psyde B is a wonderful second helping, nine tracks that naturally flow on from its predecessor, and into one another. The mixtape includes features from Ivan Ooze, for whom Juñor  has made a name as his DJ, Livingstone, Matthew Craig, 1hr and more, including Netti, who can also be heard on Psyde A, while production is co-handled by woeisme, Finn Forrest and others.

There are some really golden moments throughout Psyde B, with many tracks underlaid by an organic, almost meditative kind of ambience. Wavelength opens with the kind of instrumental you could picture in a yoga studio, complete with tiny zill cymbals – you can practically smell the incense. ‘93 is a highlight track, featuring dreamy, ambient melodic production beneath slick, clever lyricism. Symmetry might be my favourite, led by a gorgeous, delicate piano layer and a woozy beat, while the clean bars are among my favourite on the mixtape.

In his own words, Juñor had this to say about the release: “Free your mind from the dream of the planet and live your own individual dream bound by what’s within you. One person’s idea of beautiful is the next person’s idea of ugly. Therefore either nothing is beautiful in this world, or everything is. You decide which way you want to look at it.”

Juñor is one of the most exciting upcoming artists in an increasingly exciting, thriving Australian hip-hop community. He’s about to head out on tour with Ivan Ooze, and will be touring his own mixtapes nationally this July.

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