Sky Ferreira Lets Online Bullies Know She’s “Still Working On” New Album

Sky Ferreira has been vocal about online abuse numerous times throughout her career. Last year, she passionately wrote about how her appearance has been criticised numerous times, as well as the fact that she and so many other female artists have been harassed and abused online.

“Sexual/verbal harassment isn’t funny, it’s mostly unsettling & at a certain point intolerable…and abusive. Women like @mileycyrus@_alice_glass @actuallygrimes @charli_xcx @selenagomez @lanadelrey @azealiabanks & more shouldn’t have to be “okay” with it & should be able to remind people to respect them without it being deemed as complaining. It’s not part of our job. Our job is to simply create stuff,” were some of the comments included in the giant paragraph on Instagram.

Months later, it seems like the issue is still unresolved. Today, she has addressed the internet bullies who are now hassling her about the release of her upcoming album Masochism, assuring them that “bullying [her] on the Internet or whatever will not make the process faster.”

She let they know that “there isn’t a timeline on music or creativity” and she is hoping for “quality over quantity”. She also asks everyone to stop using the word “delay” to describe the wait for the album, which has been pushed back due to poor health and conflicting schedules.

Read all her tweets below:

Ferreira says she’s “excited” for the release, which is a good sign because we are too. In the meantime, she has also been working out her acting chops in the films Baby Driver and Rosy. Both will be released next year.

Sometimes being a little patience makes time go faster. If you are one the people hassling Ferreira, maybe you should try it and see for yourself.

Image: Music Feeds