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Amateur Rapper Arrested As He Uses Mixtape For Driver’s Licence

It turns out that there is the right and wrong time to bust out your mixtape and try out a bit of self-promotion. As Florida resident Volvique Louis Jean Jr found out, one of those times is when police ask for your driver’s licence.

The 18 year old was pulled over on suspicion of reckless driving, but when asked to produce his identification he pulled out his homemade CD full of his own rhymes.

The Sun-Sentinel, a local Florida newspaper, reported that Jean was pulled over after allegedly being spotted, “speeding into the school’s bus loop, and narrowly missing students being dismissed from school”. He was subsequently arrested by the Palm Beach County School District Police but was later released on bail.

Jean was said to have pulled out at an intersection, causing a number of cars to stop in the middle of the road,  compounded the issue by nearly crashing into some students as they were leaving Atlantic Community High School. He attempted to flee the scene, but was unable to escape from the nearby police officers.

It seems the teen may have been hoping his music would save him from having to give his licence in the first place to the officers, as he was charged with a range of offences that included; reckless driving, fleeing and eluding, and driving with a suspended licence.

There’s been no word yet about if the arresting officers passed on his mixtape to Dr Dre or whether or not the teenager got a record deal out of it at all.