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PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Thursdays

Welcome to this week’s edition of Breakthrough Thursdays, where we bring you 20 newly discovered tracks from independent upcoming artists around the musical globe. We recommend shuffling through the playlist. Enjoy!

1. Suté, Oceans
Soulful, sexy synths, a gorgeous R&B melody and a slick rap verse from the Nigerian artist.

2. Haring, Late Night Dream (Saavan Remix)
Ambient and evocative, with an emotional, intimate melody – listen to Haring’s full EP here.

3. McCoy, Link Up (prod. KRNE)
Something a little fun from McCoy. This is big, bouncy, and not too serious at all.

4. Krys Wright, Feeling
Okay, let’s take it back down. Delicate and seductive, think Erykah Badu meets Kelela.

5. Tsar B, Escalate
A haunting, intricate, deliberate track that has me hypnotised from start to end. Wow.

6. J Safina, 3am Cruise
You used to call me on my cell phone. A soulful take on the booty call song – listen to dat bass!

7. Ben Lam, Brick and Stone
An intricate and glitchy atmosphere, topped by a sexy, breathy melody – follow the Sydney producer on SoundCloud.

8. Parshy, All Day
This is really interesting, experimental hip-hop. Just listen to it from start to end. It builds, it grows. I love it.

9. ESMO, Fade Away
There is an inherently coquettish feel to every single thing about this track. One for the bedroom playlist.

10. Jhai, Another Notch
This week’s wildcard entry. Big, brassy blues and powerhouse vocals – what’s not to love?

11. JJ Jabber, Girl Next Door
This is uniquely intense, dark hip-hop that’s really crawled under my skin. Follow the Milwaukee-based artist here.

12. Ben Owens, Looking For You
Another sensual slow burner, for fans of The Weeknd, Miguel and slow jams.

13. CXL, Fighting Myself
A deep synth-driven track blending ambient beats with a slightly jarring R&B melody.

14. Blade of Grass, The Day Will Come 
This is one of my favourites this week. Dreamy, open vocals atop a thick, crunchy rhythm.

15. AZP, No Religion
My pick for the week! Soulful guitars, a deep, lush Alabama Shakes-esque melody, and even a smooth rap verse. This is a perfect song.

16. KJ Golden, The Comeback (prod. EKʞ)
Seductive, slick and packing a punch, this is Nicki Minaj meets Leikeli47.

17. TYRER, Life Ain’t So Sweet
Perhaps life ain’t so sweet, but TYRER’s angelic vocals and soft synths sure are.

18. Sun Q, Human Race
Dark, industrial, deliberate rock, with a big melody that oozes cool. Check out more from the Moscow-based band here.

19. Swim, Next to Me
This is really smooth, non-invasive Swedish indie-pop. Easy on the ears, I can already smell a lazy summer Sunday.

20. Ten Fe, In The Air
Something spritely to round off this week. Warm, inviting, feel-good indie-pop courtesy of the Berlin/London duo.

If you’d like to be included in next week’s Breakthrough Thursdays playlist, please submit your track via SubmitHub!