Ecca Vandal Unleashes ‘Father Hu$$la’

Ecca Vandal is a name that has steadily been gaining more and more traction over the last year, but I am not sure if anyone was ready for the single she has just released. Unleashing her track Father Hu$$la in all it’s strange and wonderful glory, if you were unsure who she is before this, you sure as hell know now!

Likening Vandal to any one particular artist merely diminishes her originality and flair; her music is aggressive but refined, her voice relentless but controlled. Her lyrics are powerful and she doesn’t give a fuck, and I think that’s what I love about her most. This track comes after she tore ear drums apart with her 2014 debut single White Flag and her sophomore single Battle Royal, and is once again a track to induce some seriously wild antics. Apparently an almighty crowd pleaser during her live show (I am yet to catch her in action), Father Hu$$la is a tremendous step up for Ecca Vandal and one that will hold her in good stead for the months to come.

Fresh from performing at Splendour In The Grass, Vandal is wasting no time at all grabbing your attention and keeping it with this track.