Win Butler Drops New Kanye West Track in DJ Set

A performance by DJ Windows 98 – aka Win Butler, aka the lead singer of Arcade Fire – has become somewhat semi-regular in recent times, so avid 98 fans could probably hazard a guess at what beats would be laid down for the set.

However, a crowd privy to such a performance on the weekend were in for real treat when Win dropped a never-before-heard track by none other than Kanye West. It is yet to be confirmed, but the track is apparently called A Long Time. The bad news is, all leaked copies of the track have been removed – because of course.

A new album (now titled Swish instead of So Help Me God) is indeed coming from Yeezy, and it’s entirely possible that this might be the way he chose his next track to be released to the world. But also, who can really say when it comes to the illuminati the music industry? One thing is for certain though, and that is the fact that Butler has the raddest DJ name in the game.