Axel headphones allow you to customise your sound

Ever thought that your iPhone headphones weren’t quite delivering on audio quality? Want to personalise that listening experience to tailor the music you listen to?

Funded on Kickstarter, New York company Axel Audio is now releasing AXEL: Modular Headphones with personalised soundscapes. You can choose from three different available soundscapes:

Deep – best for hip-hop, dance and electronic genres.

Pure – best for ambient, jazz, classical and folk genres.

Core – best for contemporary, pop and rock genres.

Alternately, you can also use their online app to determine what soundscape is best for you based on your Spotify history. This is pretty cool (if a tad creepy) – using your listening history, it figures out which kind of sound is beest tailored to your musical preferences. The customisation doesn’t stop there either. You’re also able to choose whether you’d like on/over ear, and what hand of headband inserts you’d find most fitting.

The company aimed to raise $180 000. So far (there’s only ten hours to go at the time of writing this), they’ve earned more than $191 000.

Check out their kickstarter for more information, and to find out how to purchase a pair now that they’ll be going into production!