WATCH: New film about Tupac’s final week to be crowdfunded

While his name may not be as recognisable as others in Tupac‘s crew, Gobi Rahimi was a video producer, director, photographer, and close friend of the late rapper. Named ‘Pac’s “production partner,” the filmmaker is responsible for most of Tupac’s music videos, including the hit single and Snoop Dogg collab, 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted. 

When Tupac was shot in 1996, Rahimi was there. Over the next six days before Shakur died in hospital, Rahimi was there, alongside ‘Pac’s mother Afeni, Suge Knight, The Outlawz and more.

Now, Rahimi, who has amassed countless hours of unseen Tupac footage, is setting out to release a film documenting the final seven days of Tupac’s life.

The trailer has emerged on crowdfunding website IndieGogo, which Rahimi is using to seek out the $300 000 required for the film to go ahead. Emphasising that it’s NOT a documentary, Rahimi aims to reveal new information and share insight on the issues surrounding his final days. In the two days since the page began, he has so far raised a little over $5000. Donate or check out more info here.

He wrote on the page, “A few weeks before ‘Pax was shot, I wrote the letter that Tupac signed, firing Suge Knight and his lawyer David Kenner. After that the tension between Tupac and his label soared to new heights.”

“Tupac’s final week reflects all of the racism and inequality that Baltimore and the likes of Trayvon Martin have been victims to. The powers that be don’t want us to make this film.”

Far from the first film made about the legendary MC, Rahimi went on to profess his credentials through an impressive resume. Not only has he worked with musicians including Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Yoko Ono and Nine Inch Nails, but he’ll be employing producer Preston L Holmes, who produced films that Tupac starred in (Gridlock’d, Juice,) as well as major motion pictures Hustle & Flow and Malcolm X.