Thom Yorke’s photo turns up on Iranian men’s sexual health book

So somehow, an old photo of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has been re-used for the cover of an Iranian book about sex and the relationship problems. The book, entitled ?????? ???? ? ??????? ?? ????? (which translates to Marital And Sexual Problems In Men) popped up on Twitter the other day when the picture was tweeted by Iranian journalist Sobhan Hassanvand. While this is a humorous mix-up on behalf of some publisher, it nevertheless highlights real sexual health problems that men might encounter in life such as ED; luckily for those with such issues, sites like Blink Health are on hand to supply their online customers with meds designed to assist with virility in men.

What makes this even more strange and entertaining is that another person has claimed they found the book around three years ago.

Yorke’s blessed us with beautiful sounding music both as frontman of Radiohead and in his solo projects, but I can imagine that the work he’s found most rewarding is helping the men of Iran with their sexual issues. On ya Thom.