Stream A$AP Rocky’s new album right now

A$AP Rocky surprised us all this afternoon, by announcing an early release date for high HUGELY anticipated album A.L.L.A (At Long Last A$AP). It’s here, it’s ready to go, and after a full listen I can confirm that it’s very good.

Marking a significant shift forward in A$AP’s sound, you can be sure there’s no weird Skrillex collabs on this one. Instead, A$AP takes it a little slow, gets his groove on, and uses a whole bunch of gorgeous ambient, ethereal instrumental layers, as well as that kind of old-school bluesy melodic samples that we’ve heard in so much of in recent hip hop records. He’s certainly taking himself more seriously, and in turn, it’s time for us to do the same. Something I really like so far, is that he doesn’t fall prey to what so many rappers do in their sophomore albums, which is essentially spending half the album talking about how much life has changed since your first album. It’s mentioned a little bit, but in passing only. Of course, the aggressively sexual lyrics have hardly disappeared sexuality is not lost completely, with tracks like Electric Body seemingly focusing on rim jobs and general ass-related rapping. Personal highlights are: L$D, Pharsyde, Excuse Me and Everyday.

Anyway, without further ado, I bring to you: A$AP Rocky, A.L.L.A. 

Purchase it here off iTunes.

This isn’t the only reason A$AP’s been in the news this week. He’s currently making international headlines for announcing that he participated in three acid-fuelled orgies while on acid at SXSW. We were pretty pissed off by this, because a) who gives a fuck? Why do we have to talk about his sex life instead of his music? and b) If a female artist were to have come out with the same claims, she would have been slammed. She’d be called a slut, she’d be shamed, she’d lose thousands of fans and more. Anyway, read more about this here: WHy A$AP Rocky