Sony have invented a new speaker… in your lightbulb

There are some inventions that you simply know will change the world forever – sliced bread, the Magic Bullet and iPhones to name a few. Now there is another to add to such an esteemed list – the light bulb speaker. For a true music lover, the need for a constant source of music is just as integral as the need for a constant source of light. No longer the chore of carrying your iPhone around the house blaring poor quality tunes, or frantically changing speaker systems as you move from room to room.

Sony released the LED Light Bulb Speaker in the homeland of crazy inventions; Japan. Both light and music functions can be controlled via a smartphone app, so both the brightness and volume are under your control. Sony hopes that the invention will bring music to places where speakers were difficult to put before.

In case you’re not convinced (I cannot fathom how), then Sony has released some photos demonstrating how they could be used. All of which show a woman who is more interested in the function of the light bulb than her man. Sounds like she’s got her priorities dead on.