Six Videos You Have To See Now

East India Youth – Beaming White

East India Youth unveiled this stunning new clip for his single Beaming White yesterday, the first single off his critically acclaimed second album, Culture Of Volume. Directed by Mathy & Fran, things get a little sinister in this number. East India Youth is seen sitting in a car, gradually filling with other people, giving you a sense of uncomfortable claustrophobia that would be a lot more unsettling had the soundtrack not been this tune. Somehow, it works really well, and it makes a whole lot of sense why there is a lot of talk about this guy lately!

Skipping Girl Vinegar – Dance Again

I love this clip. There is something so “feel good” about it – whether it’s the epic sky diving footage, the joyous tune itself or the fact that the gold-clad skydivers are grandmas (spoiler alert), Dance Again and its accompanying visuals are a whole lot of fun! This is the first single off Skipping Girl Vinegar’s album, A Great Wave which they released at Bluesfest. They’ve received a hell of a lot of praise for that release, and if they keep coming up with clips like this, they’re sure to receive a hell of a lot more!

Jeremy Neale – Hold On Together (Ft. Phoebe Imhoff)

In what is perhaps the most romantic, yet most (intentionally) awkward clips I’ve seen in a while, Jeremy Neale returns with the sweet duet that is Hold On Together. Teaming up with Phoebe Imhoff of Go Violets fame, it was apparently inspired by a clip Neale had seen – “I saw this amazing video of Mireille Matthieu and Patrick Duffy performing their song “Together We’re Strong” on an 80s variety show and it was just so incredibly awkward that I wanted us to have a go at something similar. I sent the example to the director Jennifer Embelton and she sent mentioned framing it from a film crews’ perspective ie. “I’ve Told Every Little Star” from Mulholland Drive.”  Also, fun fact – Jeremy Neale dislocated his knee the day before filming this clip, but puts the cover up down to the “mystery of cinema y’see”.

Twin Shadow – I’m Ready

Released while recovering from a horrific tour bus accident causing surgery and cancelled tour dates, this is Twin Shadows’ way of maintaining his connection with his fans, all the way from his hospital bed. Perhaps that also explains the dramatic feel of the clip for I’m Ready, which already had a whole “cinematic soundtrack” thing going on. Picture lots of swooping scenes, black and white, poignant shots of Twin Shadow (aka George Lewis Jr) singing in front of a backdrop of palm trees and an epic unfolding story line. SO good.

Wolf Tide – Spoke The Words

Wolf Tide is a new project comprised of singer/songwriter Rob Taylor and producer/songwriter Nick Lynar. The vocals on this track might sound familiar to you, as they were the beautiful male vocals on Carmada‘s Like A Version last week. The track and clip for Spoke The Words are both equally gorgeous, focusing on childhood nostalgia and letting the music do the storytelling. Taylor’s voice is soft but powerful, and the clip hones in on the emotion shown here. Think lazy summer afternoons with this one!

Okay Kaya – Clenched Teeth

New York-via-Norway artist Okay Kaya is one of those artists that sticks with you from the second you hear them sing. Her beautiful voice is shown off in all its glory in her later single, Clenched Teeth, which is really saying something. The accompanying clip works along the same unsuspectingly simple lines, following the singer walk around Tokyo. The whole thing might seem a little TOO simple on face value, but when it’s all tied together, it’s really something else.