Miley Cyrus launches the Happy Hippie Foundation

Over the past few years Miley Cyrus has copped a LOT of flack for her behaviour and so-called slandering of the ‘Disney image’. When I see the name ‘Miley’ pop up I tend to think ‘What has she done this time?’ Whether it’s posting photo’s of drugs on Instagram, swinging naked from a wrecking ball, or masturbating on stage, Miley has done some pretty outrageous things. At the same time, she has managed to remain somewhat of a role model for her refusal to conform and her insistence that the only way to be happy is to be yourself. It is for this reason, that the news of Miley’s strong support of the LGBT community is not surprising.

In an effort to fight for equality, Miley has launched The Happy Hippie Foundation, an organisation that focuses on homeless youth, LGBT youth and other disadvantaged or vulnerable populations. The official launch was last week, on May 7th, and was celebrated with a performance from Miley and Joan Jett in Miley’s backyard. The video of the performance has been posted all over the internet with the hope that it will raise awareness and promote the cause.

Miley has since launched a second video, performing the song True Trans Soul Rebel, alongside Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! You can watch that performance here:

The manifesto on The Happy Hippie website is simple and to the point, exactly what you would expect from Miley. It highlights the need for change and an end to the pointless judgment of others. It is refreshing to see someone so young and so influential doing something for the greater good. As Miley stated in a recent press statement, “No one should have to hide who they really are, no matter what his or her name, gender or status. That’s why Happy Hippies are here to say that every life is valuable!”