Giorgio Moroder & Sia team up for Deja Vu

Giorgio Moroder and Sia have just dropped the video for their new collaboration Déjà Vu from Moroder’s forthcoming album. Unlike the infectious, disco riddled track exuding happiness, the video follows a man who is anything but content. Embroiled in a complicated relationship, he repeatedly turns up to a hotel in search of his love, only to encounter a stream of Sia look-alikes, dressed in blond bobs that evade him. Falling in pools, spilling milk and generally just having a bad time, he finally heeds the advice of Moroder who through his cab driver cameo advises the young man “Well I can tell you, the girls who make a shadow — if you follow them, they flee. If you flee, they follow you.” Accordingly, he ends up running away with a gang of Sias following behind him. Of course, the real Sia is nowhere to be found.

Although Sia seems to be riding on a never-ending run of success spurred by her recent album, Déjà Vu will mark Moroder’s first album in 30 years. In recent interviews, he has spoken about the ease of collaboration in the current music scene. It also helps that he was collaborating with one of the most renowned songwriters in recent memory in Sia. However, artists such as Charli XCX, Mikky Ekko and even Britney will be featured on the album.