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Daft Punk side project Le Knight Club drop first song in 10 years

Le Knight Club is BACK. And they’re released just over two minutes of sweet, sweet beats.

Le Knight Club is a side project of Daft Punk‘s Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, alongside Eric Chedeville. The pair also ran Crydamoure, a French house label, together until 2003. It’s been more than ten years since Le Knight Club have released new music.

Recently, some new Le Knight Club tunes were heard in the French film ‘Gates of The Sun.’ One of those tracks, “The Fight,” has now been released on Chedeville’s Soundcloud.

The track opens on haunting, sweeping ambient chords, which slowly start to grow and build the atmosphere. It’s until the 50 second mark that a beat kicks in, and layers keep stacking on from there, with new sounds heard every couple phrases.

A beautiful, tantalisingly short piece, I can only wonder whether the project will be resurfacing for a full recording soon.