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Happy Birthday Killer Mike

Yesterday marked Killer Mike‘s birthday, and he celebrated in various wonderful ways, as we saw through his prolific and excellent use of social media.

He shared some beautiful sentiments about his mother, and some funny ones about his family:

IMG_8927IMG_8928   IMG_8924

He also reminded us that he shares his birthday with one of the worst men in history of humanity:


But he also shares the day with a pretty special occasion in the lives of many:


Here’s some additional, very sweet, hilarious sentiments:

IMG_8921 IMG_8926

The icing on the cake?

As a present to himself – and all of us – he went and released a video clip for a song he dropped back in 2011. YES!


Easily one of Killer Mikes greatest tunes, the video clip features archival footage of Ric Flair himself, projected onto a city skyline. The track is from his second last solo album Pl3dge. 

Happy birthday Mike! PS Read our interview with Run The Jewels right here