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You need to hear Broadway Sounds new single, ‘Sing It Again’

Energetic afro-infused Melbourne group Broadway Sounds know how to get the party started, and by the sounds of their latest single Sing It Again, they know how to keep the party just as much! Making disco music for the non-genre-specific, Sing It Again is the high intensity, psychedelia infused dance track we’ve all been waiting for but didn’t know that until know!

No doubt inciting almost riotous dancefloor moves when played live, the band have recently come to the realisation they might as well release the track that really gets people going in their sets. Andrew Diamond Phillips, founding member of the band says, “It was inevitable that we would release the song as every time we play it live, people lose their minds and display a fascinating and athletic mix of dancing, moshing, smurf dancing, pogoing and skanking.”

Now, I’m no smurf dancing expert, but I have to admit all the other activities listed above were performed by me on first listen, and then again throughout the repeated listens. Similar moves can also be seen in the accompanying film clip for the track, which features some of the most whacked out imagery I’ve seen in recent times. A man wandering through a desert, people in morphsuits appearing, watermelon popping out of a toaster in said desert and other bizarre but hilarious scenes feature in this clip, making for a video just as lively and captivating as the song it belongs to! Check it out below!

Sing It Againis available now! Watch this space for more Broadway Sounds action