AUS PREMIERE: Watch the gorgeous video for Wolf Colony ‘Beauty’

I was introduced to mysterious New York artist Wolf Colony a few months back, and I’ve really loved every release since then – including Unmasked, his wonderful recent album.

Not only am I intrigued by Wolf Colony’s anonymity, but by the depth and emotion in their music and video clips. So it brings me great pleasure to bring you the Australian premiere of his newest video,

There’s actually a really cool story behind this clip. A Russian fan was so mesmerised by the tune, that he set out to create a little video for it. The artist actually saw the video and, impressed, asked the fan to create a full-length video clip to officially accompany the track. The clip is filmed and set in the fan’s hometown of Urals in Russia, and stars his lovely girlfriend.

The director says of the clip: “The deep sensuality of the song inspired me to make a fan-video. I asked my girlfriend to play the main part and we found a dog to embody the wolf image. When the fan video was done I thought it would be great to attract my idol’s attention to it. So I sent it to Wolf Colony and was really surprised and excited when he gave me the opportunity to make the official video for Beauty. It was a challenge so I got my friends in video production to help me and it turned out to be a great experience and wonderful adventure. I’m proud of the result. For me, it was an honour to collaborate with Wolf Colony and a good chance to show the beauty of Urals in Russia to the whole world!”

The stunning clip shows the snow-covered town and surrounding lands, a gorgeous husky, as well as the director’s girlfriend (who, much to my dismay, is unfortunately seen wearing an Indian headdress for much of the clip – my only criticism of the whole thing.)

It really is a beautiful song, and the video clip is sublime. Watch here.