WATCH: Aspiring rapper freestyles for Kanye West, is offered a job

It’s the kind of thing that every upcoming, aspiring artist dreams of: seeing your hero on the street, performing for them on the spot, getting offered a job.

That’s what happened to one lucky MC, Cameron Grey, who managed to encounter Kanye West and entourage… and Justin Bieber, on their way to a Big Sean gig in LA.

Kanye is usually described as pretty unapproachable, but this video clearly shows another side of him. Grey runs up and begs him to let him show ‘Ye his moves. Surprisingly, Kanye stops, clears his oncoming security guards away and tells him to go for it.

Obviously impressed by the freestyle efforts, he asks if he’s willing to start from the bottom – as an assistant or something like that. Grey says yes, and gives ‘Ye his details.

Who knows if we’ll be hearing from MC Grey in the future! Considering that Yeezy reportedly signed Big Sean after a similar chance encounter, anything seems possible.

Watch the whole thing here: