Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez is coming to Australia very soon

For over two decades Grammy Award Winner DJ and producer Roger Sanchez has provided house music fans with exceptional beats. He has mixed, mashed and produced electronic dance, tribal and deep house, under his own name, or one of many monikers – there’s around 11, at last count. Heading down under later this month, Sanchez will be playing throughout the country, including over the Australia Day long weekend.

Inspired by early hip hop in New York, Sanchez hit the DJ scene in the 1980s, when turntables and vinyls were pioneering the genre. Unlike today, where home producers release and promote themselves through avenues such as Soundcloud and Youtube, Sanchez sold mixtapes on the sidewalks of Broadway to finance his earliest gigs.

By the early ’90s, Sanchez had tracks released on Outer Limits and Strictly Rhythm Records – the birth of a long and successful career, including residencies throughout the world’s club capitals since 2000.

If you’re scratching your head to who Sanchez is, you’ve undoubtedly heard at least one of his tracks and it’s called Another Chance.

A global hit in 2001, Sanchez proves he can mix and mingle on a commercial level, delivering club bangers alongside his underground house hits. The Grammy win? Well, that came in 2003 for Best Remixed Recording with the song Hella Good by No Doubt.

If that’s not really your thing, try out something a little heavier. Look for S-Man, his heaviest moniker, revived last year to bring you something a little dirtier. As Sanchez tells it: “The S-Man was my alter ego for when I wanted to do stuff that was just dark, dirty, straight dance floor with no regard for radio or anything like that. Just the raw expression of what I feel works for me on the dance floor. I really get the chance to open up and try different sounds.”

Check out Sanchez’s best tracks and weekly podcast HERE.

Sanchez will be in Australia in just under two weeks for five clubs shows across the country.

Tour Dates

Fri 23 Jan: Bar, Adelaide
Sat 24 Jan: Studio Bar, Melbourne
Sun 25 Jan: Stradbroke Island Pool Party, Gold Coast
Sun 25 Jan: Home Nightclub, Sydney
Mon 26 Jan: Matisse Beach Club, Scarborough