Kolombo’s Australian Tour kicks off NOW

For house music fans, mark this one in your diary and get ready to party hard because Kolombo is coming to town this weekend.

Under his massive Kolombo moniker Olivier Grégoire has marked a solid career as a music producer/DJ in the past several years. He’s dabbled with many dance music genres throughout his career – but as Kolombo, he’s known to produce an explosive kind of deep house.

The Belgian artist is no rookie to production, and if you love your deep house and indie dance, well, I’m sure you know he’s name all too well.

In fact, he kicked off his career more than 10 years ago with his best friend, and together they called themselves LouLou Players. Following Olivier’s worldwide success of Kolombo as an individual artist he mutually split from his best friend, Jérôme, and said goodbye to LouLou Players.

No hard feelings, the mates still play club nights together but this time as Kolombo and LouLou Players and continue to run their label LouLou Records together – which has produced tracks from the likes of Daniel Fernandes, Tough Love, and Miguel Campbell.

Olivier went to a higher level with his solo project [Kolombo]. I’m just super proud of him, he deserves it a lot! He worked like hell to be where he is…Just respect!” LouLou Players says.

Wanna groove to dem deep vibes? Check out Kolombo’s best tracks and club sets HERE.

Kolombo will be in Australia this week to party with you, so pull out your diary immediately and cancel all appointments that coincide with his show and replace with: KOLOMBO!

Kolombo Tour Dates

Here is one of his tracks to get you in the mood, and listen out for the cow bell (classic Kolombo sound):