Gesaffelstein Announces Last Live Show :(

I don’t like loads of techno, but I have a lot of love for Gesaffelstein. the French mastermind behind doomy dark tracks like 2013’s epic single Hate or Glory, he’s best bros with Bromance Records founder Brodinski, has produced with Kanye West, Lana Del Ray and Daft Punk, and tore apart the stage at Future Music Festival 2014.

But we’ve got some bad news for any fans (like me) who have been waiting for a chance to catch his notoriously wild live show: He’s announced his last ever live performance.

Yep, it’s sad but apparently true. On his Facebook page, Gesaffelstein, real name Mike posted the Coachella lineup poster with the caption “Last Gesaffelstein Live.”

I’m not sure exactly what this means. Is he stopping his current live show and developing a new one? Is he stopping live performances forever? Is he going on an extended break from live shows?

One thing we can be assured of (thankfully) is that this is not the end of Gesaffelstein as an artist. He’s not only already working on a tonne of musical projects, including soundtracks, remixes and (hopefully) a follow-up to 2013’s Aleph.