Kanye serenades Seth Rogen with his entire new album

In what can only be described as a boner-inducing fantasy for me, Seth Rogen has told Rolling Stone of one of the more fascinating stories of this year: about the time Kanye West rapped his entire new album for him in the back of a limousine.

My thoughts captured perfectly in relevant GIF form

There have been some absolutely bizarre stories involving Kanye before, including Aziz Ansari’s unforgettable tale of his visit to Kanye’s house complete with an 808s and Heartbreaks soundtrack and Ye living his own creepily hilarious version of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, but Seth Rogen’s story might even eclipse that one.

Apparently, so chuffed with Rogen and James Franco’s send up of Bound 2, Yeezy wanted to repay such a wonderful satirical gesture by treating the Pineapple Express star to the beats off of his upcoming album on a casual limo ride. Rogen remarked that there were no lyrics, so Ye then rapped each and every song for him.

For two entire hours.

Am I the only one picturing Seth Rogen nervously chuckling and twiddling his thumbs while smiling and nodding throughout that entire awkward as shit experience? Either way, that is a tale to tell the grandchildren. Here’s the one supposed blue-ball snippet of that new album we’ve been treated to so far. If you’re a disgusting Kanye fan like me this would have taken you from 6 to midnight when it leaked earlier in the year and should make you outrageously and murderously envious of Seth Rogen right now:

No word on how close this new album is and whether what Kanye showed Rogen was close to the finished product, but God bless you Kanye West for giving us batshit story after batshit story until the Internet one day explodes.