Golden Features Drops New Track ‘BoltCutter’

Golden Features appeared on the Australian Music Map ten months ago with the release of his banging tune Tell Me. Since then it’s been a whirlwind ride for the man, now identified as Sydney producer Tom Stell, has played all over and released an incredible EP. So how to cap off a brilliant year? Team up with Jack Daniels as part of the JD Future Legends series and release another grimy track, of course.

Yeah that’s right, Stell teamed up with Jack Daniels to release a three part mini-series and an accompanying track titled BoltCutter to bid 2014 farewell. However despite BoltCutter being an incredible tune, I’d advise you to listen closely. Stell has sampled sounds form absolutely everywhere – pedestrian crossings, pinball machines, spray paint cans, train doors and of course train doors closing. If you’re asking yourself, “well how the fuck did he do that?” you’re in a bit of luck. Not only has Sydney’s Golden boy dropped this quirky but amazing track, but Jack Daniels helped him document the process.

Check it out below, and the sweet work Jack Daniels is doing to support Australian musicians.

Golden Features – BoltCutter

Jack Daniels Future Legends Presents – Sounds Like… Golden Features