Cash+David’s new single is breathtaking

So, this song made me stop in my tracks. Quite literally.

This is one of the most intimate and simple yet gorgeous tracks that I’ve heard in a while. You can really feel this raw, worn-out emotion throughout the track, and it goes so much further than the lyrics. It kind of feels like they’ve laid all their cards out on the table for this one.

Musically, I’m captivated from start to end. Delicate, distant ambient chords lay the foundations for the soundscape, leaving the vocals open and vulnerable, unable to hide behind anything else. Beats and whistles add splashes of color to the sentimental atmosphere, and the deep synth-bass intermittently balances out the top-heavy tones.

Despite the growing layers throughout, there’s a lot of space left bare, giving the whole track quite a minimalist, introspective vibe.
There’s so much heartbreak in this track, and it is just beautiful.

I originally wrote this for Indie Shuffle