Best new tracks of the week: playlist

Welcome to Howl & Echoes’ first ever ‘Best New Tracks of the Week’ playlist, brought to you by me, your loving editor. I have carefully handpicked each track out of the many, many songs I hear every week, so I really recommend having a listen to the little playlist below – I can personally assure you will not be disappointed.

  • Redder, Let Us Get Out
    Ooooh, let’s start with something icy. Finnish trio Redder have just released Let Us Get Out, and it’s sludgy, spooky and even features a growling clarinet. It’s so eerie and unnerving, particularly with the temperate beats and the top-heavy, increasingly distorted vocals.
  • Raye, Hotbox
    Raye is a 17-year-old UK singer, but her new single Hotbox shows a maturity and musical depth far beyond her years. The R&B vibe and a sensual groove really stand out, particularly with her soulful vocals and beautiful piano chords driving the rhythm.
  • Human Heat, Fever (ft. Tei Shi)
    Brooklyn beatmaker Human Heat has teamed up with Tei Shi on Fever, a track with a wickedly broody vibe and a totally ethereal rhythm and melody. The simple rhythm allows the male and female vocals to ring out with such richness and clarity.
  • Tei Shi, See Me
    Yep, two Tei Shi entries today! While her newest single See Me isn’t quite as explosive as Bassically, it’s beautiful, catchy and really something special. I love the  contrast between the deep, dark bass, and her blissfully dulcet vocals.
  • SteLouse x DiamondEyes, Times Square
    The main thing I like about this track is the truly stunning vocal melody and the blissfully soulful piano and organs. The heavy beats and glitched-up synths are weak points IMO, but the vocals and those funky organs make it so worth your while.
  • Mont Oliver,19
    I was instantly hooked by the deep hip hop beat and beautiful vocals from the Danish trio. the vocals kicked in. An intricate and powerful melody combined with a huge piano bass and glistening synth trickles, I adore everything about this track.
  • Colourspacecolour, Ocean Floor
    Sydney duo Colouspacecolour’s new single is Ocean Floor is a cool blend of totally on-trend modern synth-pop with overblown, crunchy ‘80s nostalgia. Airy, ambient sounds move into an ’80s beat, with a simple yet haunting melody.
  • Grace, Pluto
    This song is strange. I love it. kind of somewhere in between St Vincent, The Knife and Souxsie and the Banshees. Starting with a tinny beat and husky vocals, there’s all sorts of weird, wonderful sounds combining to create a truly unique new track.
  • Wulf, Fire
    At first, Wulf’s new track Firereminded me of a Jack White songs. So I kept listening and I’m glad I did. Great contrasts between minimal vocal verses with huge, HUGE jam moments. Endless grooves, this is bluesy, sexy and really interesting.
  • Georgia Fair, Break
    Georgia Fair have just dropped their broody, deep first single from their upcoming album, out next year. Shuffling percussion, ominous guitars and plucky riffs, suggestive melodies and catchy beats make for a seriously enticing track.
  • 44thSunset, The Hills
    44thSunset are a Perth group that have just released the video for recent single The Hills. This is a really interesting track, led by slow, deliberate guitars, rich vocals, explosive choruses and a driving bass. You can stream the video right here! 
  • Jack Steadman, From Eden (Hozier edit)
    I’ve recently been introduced to Irish musician Hozier, and was super curious to hear this reworking. I was not disappointed. Steadman has made an already wonderful song absolutely glorious. A BLISSFUL marriage of guitar music and electronic.