5 reasons to love ScotDrakula as much as I do

Melbourne band ScotDrakula have been doing the rounds for a while now, however I have to admit, unfortunately, I was somewhat late to the party. Having drunkenly stumbled upon them at the Brisbane leg of Blurst of Times in September, I physically couldn’t take my eyes off them, and thanked my lucky stars that I walked in on the first song so I got to see the whole set. From there, I was hooked. Their tunes forever to be stuck in my head, and their drummer Evianne Camille inspiring me to begin learning myself. In light of the release of their debut self-titled LP, I feel like it is my job, nay my RESPONSIBILITY to continue to bring their unique brand of good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll to the people. Here’s five examples to get you going:

1. O’Clock – ScotDrakula

From the shotgunning of Melbourne Bitter cans to the fine dance moves put on by all, this clip does their track O’Clock so much justice. Backyard shredding sessions, random flashes of smoke and everyone banging on an organ; this is a party I wish I was a part of! It’s no wonder this was the first single chosen off their debut album, with frontman Matthew Neumann‘s trademark vocals; this is garage-pop at it’s best, and a perfect way to ease into the band’s back catalogue.

2. Break Me Up – Break Me Up

Throwing back a bit now, Break Me Up is one from the earlier ScotDrakula days. Releases following this are certainly a departure from this more Blues-y side of things, but this can be appreciated just as much in all it’s blistering glory. The film clip is also completely menacing, and shows a sinister side to the song. Break Me Up is slower than the band’s previous works released in CRACKSTRENGTH and Burner, but is a real highlight for me, and is a clear stand out track from my point of view!

3. Kill What You Love – ScotDrakula

This song is on here purely because it’s so fucking fun. A now must-have on any party playlist in my eyes, the guys have also made an equally fun film clip to go along with it. This is the band’s latest single, and features a more polished growl, a noisy chorus and that jangly drumming that I just cannot get enough of. Short and sweet at just under 2 minutes 50 seconds, Kill What You Love is another standout song from ScotDrakula.


It was a tie between this one and Kick Out The Amber Lamps for my favourite off CRACKSTRENGTH, but there is something about Buy A Shovel I just can’t go past. It’s unrelenting, it’s powerful and it grabs you by the neck of the shirt. Footstomping and headbanging ensues, and there you have yourself some fucking rock’n’roll! The song ends pretty much perfectly, with just a tambourine and Matt shouting “If you’re looking for your man / you better grab a shovel and dig him out the ground” among other things. Bad fuckin’ ass.

5. Scotdrakula (the album)

Choosing just five reasons to love this band was actually harder than I thought. Pouring through their bandcamp and trying to select another track was like trying to select one of my non-existent children: I couldn’t. This album as a whole is worth your time and dollars in a big way. After listening to their earlier stuff, this is a real turning point for them in regards to the maturing of their sound, the honing in on what fucking rules about them, and yet still leaves me yearning for what can possibly still come from them. Until then though, this will have to do!