Odesza remixed Charli XCX

British pop star Charli XCX isn’t normally the kind of thing we post about here, but when she’s been remixed by ODESZA, it’s excusable. Her bangin’ electro-pop track Break The Rules is the kind of thing that fills pre-teen/teen/high-school dance-floors. It was also produced by Cashmere Cat which is pretty funny. It follows on from her world-dominating single ‘Boom Clap’.

But enough about that. Odesza are fucking excellent. They were here earlier this year for CIRCO Festival, and they’re returning late January for Sugar Mountain Festival, and a lovely set of little headlining side-shows around the country. Sweet!

There’s a deliberate smoothness to the remix. Packed with a serious crunch, big beats and signature-Odesza synth subtleties, I can whole-heartedly say that I like this track a lot more than the original.

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